Our Philosophy

At Overland Intensive Outpatient, our philosophy is to help treat mental health by addressing the co-occurring disorders which exacerbate and drive the individual back through the stages of relapse with an all-inclusive treatment plan by meeting the client where they are at utilizing evidenced-based approaches. Each client will be provided an individualized treatment plan implementing group therapy, individual therapy and case management services provided by our facility.

Our Approach

Overland IOP takes an individualized approach by structuring treatment around four different modalities with the understanding of meeting the client where they are at and tailoring treatment to take the most effective path to restructuring the client’s neuro-pathways through DBT, ACT, CBT and Motivational Interviewing.

Services We Offer

At Overland IOP, we offer services to treat primarily mental health and simultaneously work on the clients co-occurring disorders until the signs and symptoms of substance dependence are in remission. Overland IOP specializes in treating major depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and substance dependence.